Three short videos on Gephi

I spent a full week making three short videos on Gephi. They cover the very basics, from my point of view. Licensed under CC-BY-SA (and CC-BY on Youtube). Useful for beginners.

How to install Gephi 0.9.2
First contact with Gephi

I have to focus on other things for now, but I consider doing others shortly. It was quite exhausting, I must say. A 5 min video can require a 40 min footage, and hours of editing. Writing a script is crucial, as I discovered in the process. It can take a long time too. I am quite comfortable with the visual nature of the medium, though.

I used Camtasia (thanks to Aalborg University for the license), filmed with my smartphone (a Samsung S7) and I have the chance to have a key light and a good microphone – but I may have put it too far away. So many details to master… All this cognitive load made me speak a worse English than usual – or possibly, I just realized the actual situation. But weirdly, it changes how I see what it is like to give a talk. Interesting experience.

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