Images of social networks

You will find below a gallery of A.I.-generated images depicting social networks. They are generated by Disco Diffusion after a base prompt from my last post. More precisely, the admin of the Discord channel Fever Dreams added the prompt to a bot of his making, and it generated those images. The bot changes the artists of my initial prompt, which gives more varied results. It also uses different image formats.

“A beautiful painting of a vintage network map with communities seen from above by [4 artists at random]”.

The prompt

My intent was not to visualize a social network. But it turns out that Disco Diffusion interprets “community” sometimes in the sense of “social media”, and sometimes in the sense of “people”. In the end, the tension you can see in those images fits the ambiguity of the term “social network” itself. So I am just sharing them if it can be useful to someone. The exact prompt is the file’s name. The license is CC0 (Public domain).

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